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I’ll be traveling this weekend — leaving tonight and won’t be back until Monday, so I may not be around much during this time. If I find a minute to respond to asks or something, I may take the time to do it, but I sincerely want to avoid the computer as much as possible during the time that I’m traveling. I never got around to making a queue, so I’m sorry if you don’t hear much from me over the next few days. (Or maybe that’s a good thing!)

The only online activity I want to engage in is keeping up with my travel blog. You can follow it here, if you’re interested. I’ll be documenting my experiences in Florence, Italy! I’m really excited, as I’ve been to Italy before, but never Florence, so I think it’ll be a lot of fun. (I’ll also probably be posting pictures of all the yummy Italian vegan food I find…)

I really hope you decide to read along! But in any case, take care everyone, and I’ll see you all again next week!



The thing is, the whole “I’m not financially stable enough for a plant based diet” COULD have been a viable reason at one point if it wasn’t for the hundreds and thousands of people who have straight up used it as an excuse.

I’ve worked with people, earning the exact same amount of money as them, and been told by them that they couldn’t possibly afford to eat vegan while I got along more than fine.

I’ve been at pubs, nursing the same beer for hours because I couldn’t afford more as I’ve watched others down round after round then drunkenly tell me they just couldn’t afford to eat a plant based diet.

I’ve been homeless and living off of food hand outs and STILL easily managed to refrain from eating animal products.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are more than likely a fair few people out there who are literally unable to financially manage a vegan diet, but because of the thousands of other dipshits that constantly use these people and their situation as a scapegoat to avoid responsibility for their own laziness, it’s hard to take the whole issue seriously anymore.

So if you 100% truly can’t afford to eat a plant based diet, and a vegan is a little bit skeptical about it, before you yell “classism” think about why a vegan may have trouble believing you.

Dog bless you for this post and every other post and basically your existence.


Delicious drops by Amazing World beautiful amazing


My new letter opener, an exact replica of the “Orcrist” from the hobbit movies



I hate the constant fight between vegans and non-vegans. Can’t we just all accept that some of us eat meat and some of us don’t?!

It’s all well and good when you say stuff like this and make it sound like we live in a lovely, diverse world with a multitude of opinions and ideas. But this isn’t the way it is. It’s cool when we have different ideas about music and clothes, because those kinds of opinions don’t hurt anyone else.

However, there’s some kinds of opinions that people get all up and arms about for good reason. You’ll probably agree, it’s not okay to be homophobic because it affects the lgbtq community, and it’s not okay and I don’t accept homophobes because ‘it’s just their opinion’.

It’s not okay when racists make poc feel lesser than them. It’s not okay for transphobic people to do the same. It’s not okay to treat others like less than you are.

It is NOT okay for meat eaters to have an ideology that murders, enslaves and tortures billions of animals, reduces them to objects and resources that are simply there to entertain your trivial pleasures like ‘oh, it’s just my opinion that bacon tastes nice, why can’t you leave me alone.’ Fuck, no. That is NOT okay. That’s why vegans won’t shut up about how angry we are. We see injustice and we will fight against it until someone starts to pay attention.


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See, most people are really, really good at being super passionate about animal rights issues that take literally zero effort to stand for.

Boycott Seaworld? Done. Easy. I’ll go to the aquarium instead!

Killing whales to eat them???? rabblerabblerabble how barbaric! Even though I live in a part of the world that I basically have no way in which to access whale meat, do you know what? I’m going to vow NEVER to eat whale! 

Fur? Ew!!!! I can’t believe someone would wear a dead animal, I’m never going to buy fur. Oh look a leather jacket, cool.

Shark cull?!?!?! That’s ridiculous and I wont stand for it. I’m going to, um, not… support… that by… saying I don’t support it!

Copenhagen Zoo killed a Giraffe? well I’m not going there anymore (not that I ever was going to lol). 


As soon as you suggest something that takes some actual real life effort, like I don’t know, actively avoiding all animal products, no longer purchasing products tested on animals and seeking cruelty free alternatives, boycotting all establishments and events that use animals for entertainment (circuses, aquariums, rodeos, horse racing)

All of a sudden its like woah hey now don’t you think you’re being a bit extreme? I mean isn’t there something easier I can do like all those other things that requires no effort at all?? 

— Anonymous: "who are by nature so innocent, harmonious, lovable, pure, and beautifully perfect." Whenever I hear vegans crow about this, I think of hamsters eating their own young, lions killing the offspring of other lions, my father's cattle shitting all over other cattle, and countless pictures and gifs of hyenas, wolves, lions, etc tearing at and eating another animal while it was VERY clearly still alive and trying to escape. "Innocent, pure, and perfect" my ass.

What’s got your knickers in a knot? Really, my post bothered you so much that you had to come and explain to me how horrible animals are? Who am I to you? If you don’t like my post and disagree with it, why couldn’t you just ignore it? There is nothing inherently bombastic or offensive about anything I said, and the venom and defensiveness you’re bringing into my blog is quite disproportionate to the post, I would say.

No, no. There is something more going on here. The way you are scrambling to prove humans aren’t actually a million times worse than wild animals? This is coming from a place of your own rejection of personal responsibility. I mean, no one honestly believes wild animals acting out of instinct and survival comes anywhere close to the malice, greed, destruction and poisoning of the earth that humans perpetuate. You are positively hilarious, my friend.

Watch this.

We Are All Michael Vick


Original article is found at

We’re All Michael Vick

Posted: August 14, 2009

UPDATE 8/14/09: Michael Vick was released from prison in May, and on July 27, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Vick. The Philadelphia Eagles have given Vick a one-year deal with an option for a second year.

In a conversation yesterday, someone said to me, “how am I ever going to watch an Eagles game and see that guy without thinking about those dogs?” My response: “How can you enjoy an Eagles game while you’re eating a hamburger or a hot dog made from animals who had a life and death every bit as horrible and unnecessary as Vick’s dogs?”

He did not have an answer.

Here is a Daily News op-ed I wrote on the topic that ran on Aug. 22, 2007:

MICHAEL VICK has, according to his lawyer, agreed to plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges against him.

Over past weeks, there’s been an enormous amount of coverage of the dog-fighting operation sponsored by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Vick, who, along with three other men, has been indicted on federal felony charges.

The details of the charges claim that Vick sponsored illegal dog fighting, gambled on dog fights and permitted acts of cruelty against animals on his property. The talk shows have been filled with talking heads from the “humane community” condemning dog fighting and calling for Vick to be punished. Nike and Reebok have suspended products endorsed by Vick.

Please let me be very clear from the outset: I think that dog fighting is a terrible thing.

But I must say that the Vick case rather dramatically demonstrates what I call our “moral schizophrenia” about animals.

That is, if one thing is clear, it is that we do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals.

In this country alone, we kill more than 10 billion land animals annually for food. The animals we eat suffer as much as the dogs that are used in dog fighting.

There is no “need” for us to eat meat, dairy or eggs. Indeed, these foods are increasingly linked to various human diseases and animal agriculture is an environmental disaster for the planet. We impose pain, suffering and death on these billions of sentient nonhumans because we enjoy eating their flesh and the products that we make from them.

There is something bizarre about condemning Michael Vick for using dogs in a hideous form of entertainment when 99 percent of us also use animals that are every bit as sentient as dogs in another hideous form of entertainment that is no more justifiable than fighting dogs: eating animals and animal products.

There is something bizarre about Reebok and Nike, which use leather in their shoes, suspending products endorsed by Vick. They’re not going to allow a guy who allegedly tortures dogs to endorse products that contain tortured cows.

In one of my books about animal ethics, I introduced a character named Simon the Sadist, who derived pleasure from blowtorching dogs. We would all regard such conduct as monstrous because we all agree that it is wrong to inflict “unnecessary” suffering on animals - and pleasure, amusement and convenience cannot count as satisfying the “necessity” requirement.

But then I asked the further question: How are those of us who eat animal flesh and animal products any different from Simon? He enjoys blowtorching dogs - we enjoy the taste of flesh and animal products. But we and Simon both kill sentient beings (although we may pay others to do the dirty work) because we derive enjoyment from it.

According to reports, authorities removed from Vick’s property a “rape stand” used to hold dogs for mating. “Rape racks” are used to hold cows for impregnation. When a dog is involved, we are troubled - when a cow is involved, we ignore it.

Michael Vick may enjoy watching dogs fight. Someone else may find that repulsive but see nothing wrong with eating an animal who has had a life as full of pain and suffering as the lives of the fighting dogs. It’s strange that we regard the latter as morally different from, and superior to, the former. How removed from the screaming crowd around the dog pit is the laughing group around the summer steak barbecue?

We are all Simon.

We are all Michael Vick. *

Gary L. Francione is Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University School of Law-Newark. His latest book on animal ethics, “Animals as Persons,” will be published by Columbia University Press this fall.



foxes eating rabbits or lions catching antelope 

is not in any way shape or form 

the same thing

as people mass producing, forcefully breeding non-human animals, and slaughtering them by the hundreds of millions to be packaged into plastic wrapped cartons for you to buy from a store that you drove your car to

shut up


siamese fighting fish by visarute angkatavanich

— Anonymous: My favorite part about the whole, "you guys cause harm too!" argument is that vegans cause SUCH a small fraction of the harm. It's one of the most selfish things I've ever heard. That's like saying, "Well if you're going to run over one person that's the same as running over 7 people, so might as well!" It's their desperate attempt to make veganism about being perfect- it's not- it's choosing the path that harms the least.


Exactly. “If we can’t live 100% cruelty-free, why bother”. But that “why bother” attitude is what is destroying this planet and everyone in it, so…